Propane Safety Guidelines For The Home

Propane Safety Guidelines For The Home

1.      Propane leaks smell like rotten eggs. Educate your family so they may recognized the smell.

2.      If you smell a leak, evacuate the premises, and contact your local fire department, or propane supplier. When leaving the premises, do not alter any electrical outlets or light switches.

3.      Propane leak detectors are available at your local hardware stores.

4.      Know the layout of your gas services lines, especially if you are doing any type of landscaping or renovations.

5.      If you suspect your gas appliance has been damaged by water or flooding, have a trained technician come out and service your system.

6.      All furnaces should be cleaned regularly. Check with your propane retailer, and owner’s manual for cleaning instructions.

7.      In case of sediment buildup in your propane fueled water heater, drain your tank until water runs clean.

8.      Have your range serviced if the flames are not blue. Yellow flames indicate blockage to the air inlets, or an adjustment may be need to the burner. Contact a technician to service. Also, do not line your range with tin foil; it constricts air circulation.

9.      Never use a gas range or grill to heat your home.