Winter weather is just around the corner.  Here are a few simple safety tips and reminders to help keep you safe and warm this upcoming winter.

SHUT OFF: Teach everyone in your home the basics of how to shut off the outdoor propane supply and shut off gas to indoor appliances in case of an emergency.

LOCATE: Make sure everyone that lives or works in your home or farm knows the location of all propane tanks, above and below ground.  You might mark tanks with flags or steaks to make them easier to locate.  After the storm, be sure to clear snow and ice away from outdoor vents, chimneys and flues.  Use a broom instead of a shovel so you don’t damage any of your propane system components.  In addition clear the ice and snow around your propane tank to avoid damage or leaks.

EDUCATE:  Educate your family and co-workers on the dangers of propane and how to detect a leak.  Propane purposely smells like rotten eggs or a skunk, be sure there is a plan in place if a leak is suspected.

DIBBLE:  Be sure to have plenty of propane throughout the winter.  Dibble recommends calling for delivery when your tank is at 30%.  You do not want to be without propane during a winter storm.  Note that road conditions sometimes prevent delivery trucks from accessing your tank.  Be prepared and have a regular delivery schedule throughout the winter months.  Any questions or concerns you have about your propane system, tank or components can be addressed by contact Dibble Propane at 815-237-2247.


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