Dibble Enterprises is a bulk LP wholesale and retail supplier for farms, retailers, industrial and commercial systems.  Our transport services pull from propane terminals all across the Midwest.  Our supplier relationships and transportation capabilities make us a reliable and dependable propane source.  We offer daily spot pricing, contract and prebuy programs.  Call us anytime for market information, cash prices or any of your propane needs.

Our supplier relationships and transportation capabilities make us a reliable and dependable propane source.



Dibble Propane currently provides LP service to over 2500 residential, commercial and agricultural customers in 8 counties.   From complex tank and pier installations to filling the tank for your grill, our professionally trained team is readily available to service your propane needs.  815-237-2247


Service Area includes
Illinois Counties

For service outside this area please contact us at 815-237-2247

Competitive Pricing

Dibble Enterprises, Inc. offers all customers the same price whether paying with cash, check or credit card.  We never charge a fuel surcharge or delivery fee.  The minimum delivery is 250 gallons.  To see payment options, click Payment Options

Payment Options

We accept cash, check and credit cards. (We do not accept American Express)  

Switching Service

Dibble Enterprises, Inc. will handle all paperwork and authorizations needed from your current vendor to switch service, unhook and move your current tank.  You must have a zero balance with your current vendor before authorization can be obtained.  Upon approval, our sales staff will work with you to coordinate installation and size of a Dibble Enterprises, Inc. tank.  Payment is expected at time of delivery for your first fill.  Additional fills are due within 30 days of delivery.


Lease Program

There are no installation charges or monthly fees associated with leased tanks.  Tanks are leased for a minimum three (3) year period at no charge to the customer.


Keep Full vs. Will Call Customers

Keep Full customers have Dibble Enterprises, Inc. monitor their tank(s) for them.  We will check your tank periodically, and fill you as needed.  To do this, Dibble Enterprises, Inc. forecasts your usage based on annual degree days.  Will Call customers monitor their own tank(s), and call us when propane is needed.  We ask that you notify us when your tank is at 15-20 percent. This allows ample time to get the tank scheduled.  Scheduled deliveries are made Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Cylinder and Motor Home Refill Services

We offer cylinder and motor home refilling services during regular business hours.